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When thinking of five biological brothers that have made a huge impact on the world through music, two names automatically come to mind: The Jackson 5 and The Winans.

Now, with a unique and extraordinary blend of vocal harmony, emerge five brothers known as THE WARDLAW BROTHERS (TWB). Dubbed the “Boyz II Men of Gospel”, TWB consists of four lead singers, and one dynamic bass man. The eldest brother, Carl Anthony “Tony” has the traditional, soulful voice. Martin Luther “Lute” is the lead vocalist with a voice that speaks to the spirit. He is also the primary songwriter, musician and producer. “Jamie” Cornelius is the melodious bass man that defines TWB’s distinctive sound while Carl III “Carlo” melds in the urban/hip hop flavor. Lastly, Rodney Allen “Baby Boy”, contributes the smooth, serene voice of the five.

Georgia natives, TWB are the sons of Rev. and Mrs. Carl Wardlaw Jr. who taught their children early that ministry was a part of life. A solid foundation was instilled in TWB because true ministry was applied daily. Over the years, with the discovery and nurturing of gifts, music ministry evolved. But, whether assisting others in need or mentoring troubled youth, TWB take pride in helping others and do not compromise that which was inspired by their parents.

Having been stirred by multiple Grammy™ winning gospel group Take 6 and the famous R&B group Boyz II Men, the brothers sought to bring a new sound to their music. They began to revise the original songs they sang as youth and sculpt their own distinctive brand of harmony and acclimation. The brothers realized how God had blessed them and they began composing their own songs.

GOD’S BEEN THERE is TWB’s new project produced by Grammy™ Award winning producer Cedric Thompson, Dove Award winning producer Antonio Neal and Martin Luther Wardlaw. Martin Luther penned the project with contributions from all brothers which was an effortless collaboration that flowed from the Spirit.

“Somewhere Listening”, derived from an old spiritual song, is the project’s first single. The song talks about how ‘if you live right, you‘ll be somewhere listening’ – in reference to the time that Jesus will return. In May of 2006, TWB suffered the loss of their grandmother, Ella Mae Simpkins. Her death impelled Martin Luther to take a sincere look at life. He began writing the lyrics to “Somewhere Listening” and the siblings worked together to complete the beautifully crafted urban contemporary ballad.

Showcasing their versatility, TWB offer a traditional gospel quartet track in the truest of form. “Right Now Lord” is high-energy, harmonizing song that absolutely ignites automatic foot stomping and spontaneous hand clapping. Then, the gentlemen toss in the a cappella song “Thank You” and skillfully execute an intricately constructed vocal arrangement.

GOD’S BEEN THERE also features a special tribute to the military. “Welcome Home Soldier” is TWB’s expression of gratitude and loyalty to this country, the men and women who are overseas fighting, and to those who have lost their lives for our freedom. “Welcome Home Soldier” is dedicated to their own family members who are veterans and to the families of those having lost soldiers on the battlefield or waiting for their soldiers to come home.

Exemplifying a strong music ministry and diverse artistic appeal, TWB continues to reach across cultures, age groups and ethnicities and not be confined to a particular audience. With an allegiance to God, TWB embrace the obligation to use their gifts to impact the body of Christ. With God always before them, they know there are no boundaries. The Wardlaw Brothers want to spread the Gospel and ultimately want to plant “Jesus seeds” to help somebody come to Christ.